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An award winning Las Vegas based firm, founded in 2001 by Architectural lighting designers. Since its inception, The Lighting Group has successfully participated in the completion of over 250 commercial and residential projects. We can be considered the most knowledgeable LED lighting integrators and a valuable addition to your team. The Lighting Group is made up of "Certified Lighting Consultants" ready to assist with your projects.

Lighting Representatives and Consultants

"Knowledge is Everything"

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Manufacturers' Representative Agency

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada

("The Lighting Capital of the World"). Our Product Lines are innovative and diverse in satisfying our Client's needs. We will take the Lead with LED or LEED. We welcome DeltaLight and Sengled LED to our linecard..

Sengled LED

Let us service your sourcing and logistic needs.

We are committed to designing lighting systems that are sustainable and environmentally responsible. We can reduce energy and maintenance costs by determining appropriate light levels by specifying high efficient long life light sources.

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Whatever is "The Right Light" for your project.


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